Volg Boerehiemfryslân

07MP9c-BHF 7251Welcome to boerehiemfryslân 

In our yard are three spacious villas where you can enjoy the rural setting just north of the water sports center Grou. 

The three cottages are perfect for those who want to enjoy peace and nature. This can be around the barnyard as well as in the area of ​​Grou and Eernewoude. 

On the south side of the traditional barn located apartments are each equipped with a terrace that overlooks the pretty meadows and situated directly behind Princess Margriet Canal. Especially in summer, this beautifully located tourist area, close to the nature and water sports area "Alde Feanen", very popular with boaters, recreational cyclists and walkers. 


Boerehiemfryslan located in the triangle of Grou, Wergea and Wartenberg. 

You are welcome to our farm!

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